21 Frat Star Photos That You Don’t Want Your Parents To See

Fraternity is one of the strongest bonds a man in college can have. The “bro” is a leader. He leads community service events, serves as a campus representative, parties hearty, and generally has a higher GPA on average than the GDI student body. We know you’ve wondered what it’s like to be a brother. All of us have experienced drinking fails, but these bros take drinking, partying, and brotherhood to a whole new level. We walk you through a day in the life of a true frat star.

1. We all know brothers are the coolest people around. They pull!frat12

2. Whether they’re dressed up as a young lady.frat16

3. Or as Luke Bryan’s main girl…frat10

4. Or simply meeting girls at parties…


5. Only the coolest frat stars get tattoos.frat5

6. The hard ones get their letters engraved.frat9

7. But only the realest get Pokemonfrat1

8. We all know one thing for sure. Frat stars love to party.frat15

9. Even when there are no girls around and a brother is passed out on the ground.frat6

10. They also live for theme parties. Bamboo?frat20

11. Sometimes they have a little bit too much to drink at their parties…frat19

12. A nap usually helps with the alcohol.frat23

13. Sometimes in their room.frat22

14. Sometimes in their house.frat17

15. Or sometimes different locations on campus can be pretty comfortable.frat11frat13

16. However, sometimes they get too relaxed…frat21

17. But at least some find the bathroom in time.frat7

18. Whether they’re drunk or not, they are proud to be frat.frat18

19. They enjoy the ride.frat14

20. Until their four (or more) years are up.frat3

21. But in the end, they always remember to rep their letters.frat8

pictures courtesy of totalfratmove