27 Neat Life Hacks to Simplify Your College Life


1. Record lectures and listen to them at double speed using VLC media player.VLC

Thankfully, VLC is free and easy to download.



2. Take notes using different colored pens. This will help your visual memory.colored_pens_flickr

Who’s not a fan of a super attractive page of notes anyways?



3. Build up your gpa early in the semester.earlygpa_callmylist

Any college student knows that the end of every semester is crunch time and 5 times as crazy as the beginning.



4. In fact, try to build it up early in your college career.senioritis_someecards

If you thought high school senioritis was real, it wasn’t.


5. Chewing the same flavored gum that you chewed while studying will help your memory when taking tests.chewinggum



6. Learn how to make coffee without a coffee maker.coffeemakerwithoutcoffee_instructables



7. Make scrambled eggs in the microwave using a coffee mug.microwaveeggs_wherethecookiesare



8. Use binder clips to stack bottles in a mini fridge.binderclips_lifehacker



9. When you don’t want to do dishes, use a tortilla inside/on top of a bowl.tortillabowl_reddit



10. Maximize your Wi-Fi signal with this beer can trick.beerwifi_worklivelaos



11. Save space in your closet by linking your hangers with soda can tabs.clotheshanger_youtube


12. Microwave your leftovers more evenly with this neat trick.microwaveevenly_twistedsifter



13. Filing your clothes will save you space.filedclothes_buzzfeed



14. Put blue ink refills in red pen casings to prevent pen thieves.bluependisguise_mybs



15. Hang photos with washi tape to avoid tearing the paint off your walls.washitape_pinterest

The colors will help style your boring white walls too!



16. Use visa gift cards and 10minutemail.com to make free trial accounts online.visafreetrials_lifetricks

10minutemail.com generates you a temporary email that works great for free trials.



17. When it’s hot, hang a damp towel over an open window to cool down a stuffy room.wettowel_buzzfeed



18. Construct a straw makes for easy cocktail making.constructastraw_buzzfeed



19. Post-it notes will keep Cheeto dust buildup on a grimy keyboard at bay.sticknotekeyboard_chicagonow



20. If you’re a heavy sleeper, put your phone into a glass cup and it amplifies the sound.phoneincup_flickr



21. Heat two bowls at once in the microwave by stacking one on a coffee cup.bowlsmicrowave_reddit



22. Extend the life of your printer cartridges by resetting them when they are “empty”.inkcartridge_diply

Unfortunately this whole time you’ve been getting screwed out of the last drops of ink in every cartridge.


23. If you’re out of air freshener, put some dryer sheets over a fan or AC unit to make your room lovely again.dryersheets_reddit



24. Get Wi-Fi passwords at your local study spots by checking the comments on Foursquare.foursquarewifi_lifehacker



25. Disguise your beers as soda pop by using Coca-Cola sleeves.beer-can-concealer_firstwefeast

Please drink responsibly.



26. While you study, keep some water, fruits, and nuts with you for healthy brain food that won’t put you to sleep.healthysnacks

27. Outsource your essay writing. essay writing

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