15 Poor Life Decisions Made By Every College Student

1. Do a service project for spring break, or a full week of partying in Cabo?1

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Your culture enriching adventures can wait…

2. Work in the library, or sit around goofing off with your friends in the library?12

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All of a sudden homework becomes irrelevant and a twerk contest seems much more appealing.

3. Do the assigned reading, or trust SparkNotes?3

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Everyone knows SparkNotes + a little bullshit can carry you through an in-class discussion.

4. Be smart with your romance, or just hook up with someone that you’ll regret tomorrow?4

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Right there, right now, no problem!

5. Get a reasonable amount of sleep, or go out with your friends?5

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I’ll sleep when I’m dead. You only college once.

6. Study for midterms, or find a new obsession on Netflix?6

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Breaking bad? Supernatural? I’ve been meaning to start Prison Break.

7. Time management, or consume caffeine until 6am to finish your project?7

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I’ve been doing this forever. It always works.

8. Work out at the rec center, or take advantage of your extra meals?8

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But you can go to the gym tomorrow………

9. Join a few clubs that you are interested in, or sign up for Listservs that will consume your email inbox beyond graduation.9

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But everything seems so interesting, and my mom told me to try new things.

10. Pay attention in lectures, or check your social media a hundred times?10

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I gotta see what my friends are up to while I’m in class.

11. Sit down and finish your paper in a few hours or procrastinate and find unproductive things to do instead?11

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Ah keys! Maybe I should try knitting again?

12. Do your laundry in reasonable increments, or do your laundry when you’re out of underwear?2

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Clothes can be re-worn. There is filthy, but there is also filthy-acceptable-to-wear.

13. Hangout in the lounges or dining halls, or adventure onto roofs and getting caught by campus security?

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Nothing like a little danger.

14. Learn about a different culture while studying abroad or party for 6 months with their lenient drinking policies?14

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They party differently in different cultures right?

15. Make your own drink, or consume the frat house jungle juice and not remember anything that happened that night?15

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Wake up the next day, “WTF happened?”