12 Sharks You Meet At a College Pregame


1. The Shark With Horrible Jokesshark_lost_friends


2. The Shark That Needs to Find a Bathroomshark_queasy



3. The Shark That Tries to Swoon Youshark_sup_girl



4. The Shark That Is Too Cool For The Ladiesshark_too_cool



5. The Shark That Misunderstood the Other Shark’s “Signals”shark_kissing


6. The Shark With Random Talentsshark_catch_skittles



7. The Shark That Just Can’tshark_please_stop_talking


8. The Shark That Laughs Really Loudlyshark_weird_laugh

White Shark Diving Company


9. The Party Patrol Shark shark_whos_that_guy


10. The Shark Determined To Keep Beer Pong Goingshark_find_pong_ball


11. The Shark That REALLY Needs To Leaveshark_go_home_drunk


12. The Shark Trying to Avoid Someonegotta_leave_now